Chanora Edit

Basic technological advancement Edit

In approximately 5000 B.C., Chanora develops iron weapons. Between 5000 B.C. and 4500 B.C., the Ctahlyün Empire develops a formalized military with merit based ranks.

Between 3000 and 2500 B.C., writing with a character for each word is replaced slowly with alphabets. Paper is developed in 2749 B.C., and systems of time are recorded on stone tablets.

By around 500 B.C. (5661 Chanoran Time [C.T.]), Chanorans had developed basic bolt action weapons. By 351 B.C. (6012 C.T.), Chanoran militaries have standard issue semi-automatic rifles and sidearms, and is approximately ten years from selective fire weapons.

By 1994 A.D. (8357 C.T.), intergalactic vessels are constructed successfully for the first time. Around this time, strange radio signals are picked up. These were from the 1940's of Earth. Between Earth and Chanora is a space time rift which speeds up radio and television signals while amplifying them. Thus, Chanora was able to pick up much of Earth's history, and even adopted parts of Earth's culture, most notably, Christianity in the form of Catholicism.

The Current Empires Edit

Chanora's primary ruling group is the Kingdom of the Seven Kings, a complicated constitutional monarchy. The Kingdom is commonly abbreviated as the KOTSK. It rules the Central Continent. Meanwhile, on the Eastern Continent, the Karinai Republic maintains sovereign rule and is allied with the KOTSK. On the Western continent, the largest, a great mass of small nations makes up a small union. However, this continent is rampant with Marxist revolutionaries, making it dangerous at times.