James WaltersEdit

James Walters is an employee of the C.O.D, and an inhabitant of the planet Chanora. He has served for fiveyears as the Director of C.O.D Military Division. His current age is 37 years old.

Career in the C.O.DEdit

In 1999 A.D. (8160 C.T.) James Walters joined the C.O.D as a military operative, and quickly became the top field operative. Starting in 2012 A.D. (8173 C.T.), James took the role of C.O.D Military Division Director. Nevertheless, he continued to participate in field operations. Since then, he has instituted several reforms, such as changing the standard issue rifle to the M4A1, and changing the standard issue sidearm to a Sig Sauer P350. He has also changed the hierarchy of Military Division to increase the ability of the division to perform successful operations, and to balance power.

IQ Edit

James has a far higher IQ than average individuals, thus his taking the role of the most powerful military leader in the universe at such a young age. However, due to paranoia, he refuses to take an IQ test, believing that such information could be used against him.

The Accident Edit

At 25 years of age, due to an incident with a malfunctioning prototype of time travel watch, James was thrown into the very fabric of the universe, then bounced back. This caused his mind to be overwhelmed. He temporarily lost his memory (and sanity), and his existence became tied to his watch. This meant that he was an immortal madman. Any time he died, he would merely rebuild, no matter where he was. His belongings would return to him when he rebuilt, and he would be able to continue what he wished to do. This insanity led him to destroy an entire galaxy with a Rilorana Bomb, even after breaking the loop. Eventually he returned to sanity at the physical age of 22, and mental age of 23,741 years.

Family Edit

James married Rebecca Jefferson at the physical age of 24 (mentally 23,743), and about a year later their daughter Charlotte was born. Charlotte was then murdered by James's brother in law, Marcus Jefferson. A year after her murder, Rebecca was assigned on a several year scouting mission in Morcia. After five years, James met her again in the camp of the Merry Band of the Woods. Theo Emerson, his other brother-in-law, took his mother's name, rather than his father's. James's Mother in law, Yetta Emerson, is a Jew who was born in Germany in the year 1920. In 1942, the C.O.D found three Jews who would not change history if saved during that time period. She was one of them. Thus, they saved them. However, there was a system malfunction on the way back to Chanora. All the people onboard were put in stasis, and by the time they had arrived, it was 1974.