The Council of Omniverse Defense Edit

The C.O.D is a group dedicated to protecting all of existence. It has a simple organization. At the head is C.O.D Primary, led by the Chairman. All divisions are below Primary and led by division directors.

C.O.D Primary Edit

Primary holds a great degree of authority over the other divisions, but the others also have much power in the C.O.D. Primary has access to some military resources, but its access is limited. Chairman: Benjamin Thomas

Military Division Edit

C.O.D Military Division is the division of the C.O.D which is supposed to protect others using violence, if absolutely necessary. Currently led by James Walters

Scientific Division Edit

C.O.D Scientific Division attempts to save lives via science. They advance technology in all fields, including some parts of medicine. Currently led by Arthur Wallace.

Medical Division Edit

C.O.D Medical Division is possibly the hardest working division. Diseases and viruses are complex to say the least, so they need assistance from many outside groups. Currently led by Henry Rogers.